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Sonal Varshneya

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Artist statement


Printmaking is a technically complex medium. Besides the conventional processes and applications, artists world over are involved in evolving a very personal style to facilitate their creative requirements.

I am an Indian Printmaker born in a traditional society of Agra the city of Taj Mahan.

After completing my Post Graduation with special emphasis on Printmaking from Agra, I shifted to Lucknow and joined Academy of Fine Arts Regional Art Centre which provides workshop facilities to professional printmakers where I am working till date.

I start working with etching and aquatint metal plates and later I combined it with multiple applications, my lines and vivid textures which primarily forms the base of my works.

The theme of my work are mainly devised form our traditions and religious beliefs amalgamation of Hindu mythology, histories, traditions, contemporary motifs. My images are iconographical representing, my recent works are the expression of my understanding of society at a large and womanhood. In particular in relation to her existence both biologically and culturally in a patriarchal society. I am working recurring theme is a feminism.

I have portrayed this series in contemporary time, I am connecting with issues like social and political solutions coming around us with mythological phenomena, which are still happening around this, which affect our mind and mind.


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